Border bagpipes

Border bagpipes are available in the following pitches: G/C (16p.) and D/G (20p.)

The instrument has half-closed fingering and a range of 1 ½ octaves.
A key system for additional accidentals can be fitted for all pitches.

The border bagpipe comes with three drones: two octave drones plus one tuned to the fourth. There are two drone switches – one to select either the fourth or the octave drones or all three before playing – the other to shut off the selected drones while playing.

The wood used is plum with mounts made from African blackwood and boxwood.
All metal parts are silver plated.
The instrument comes with a chanter adapter which protects the chanter reed during chanter changes.

The instrument can be supplied with bellows


Pitches and prices


Border bagpipes in G/C

2150 €
standard with double finger hole for F and F#
range from low F to high C fingering chart
drones: C – G bass –G treble
with plastic reed

Optional extras:
key system (F, F#, G#): 375 €
chanter switch: 200 €

Border bagpipes in D/G

2600 €
key system (C, C#, Eb) included as standard
range from low C to high G fingering chart
drones: D bass - G –D treble
with plastic reed

Optional extras:
chanter switch: 200 €


All prices include VAT.