klappensystemKey system

The key system used in my chanters is based on the keys in the Boehm flute foot joint.

A key system is much more precise then a double hole for the fingering of the semitones.

The key for the minor second also allows the lowest semitone to be played.

Key functions
key 1:
minor second
key 2
one tone below fundamental
key 2 and 3:
semitone under fundamental

price: 350 €



stopkeyChanter switch

The chanter switch turns off the chanter, either while playing or while tuning the drones.
The switch is situated between the player’s left hand and the chanter, and operated by the index finger of the left hand.

proce: 150 €





The bellows from my workshop are made from plum wood.
The leather is glued twice to ensure an air-tight seal.
Leather and plates are sewn together by hand.

price: 500 €


All prices include VAT.