Student pipes

Student pipes are available in two pitches: G/C (16”) or D/G (20”)

The instrument has half-closed fingering and a range of 1 ½ octaves.

The drone is tuned two octaves below the fundamental of the chanter and fixed in the bag to rest on the shoulder.

The wood is cherry with mounts made of Ziricote.
The instrument comes with a chanter adapter which protects the chanter reed during chanter changes.

Pitches and prices


Student pipes in G/C

1000 €
standard with double finger hole for F and F#
range from low F to high C fingering chart
drone: G
with plastic reed

Student pipes in D/G

1400 €
key system (C, C#, Eb) included as standard
range from low C to high G fingering chart
drone: D
with plastic reed

All prices include VAT.